Preparing for your Session

Congratulations on choosing to plan a Perfection Session!

The first thing everyone asks when they book a session, and what seems to be the biggest source of stress: how to prepare for the big day. Below is a list of everything you’ll need, and some inspiration can also be found on my Pinterest page.

Every session is unique, and we want to make sure we meet your expectations, so a pre-session consult is recommended. We will discuss the specific types of looks you are interested in, as well as areas of concern (what you consider to be your worst features that you’d like to have minimized) and what you think makes you look and feel the most fabulous. This can be done either in person on via phone (in person is always better, but in a pinch we can do a phone consult).

These are the things you need to know, think about, or shop for prior to your shoot. The more options you bring, the better your shots will look. If in doubt, bring more — not less. I will select looks from what you bring that I think will look great against the settings we have the day of your shoot, or we can do an in-person style consultation — we can go through your closet and choose the best types of outfits for your Perfection Session.

Hair: We will be utilizing a professional hair stylist for your session, but you should bring any adornments that you think would be fun and chic additions to your session: Hats, flowers, headbands, clips for up-dos, bobby pins, etc. We’re going for an amped up, dramatic version of you, so plan for big hair and curls. If you have special preferences you can bring your own: hairspray, smoothing creams or oils, any products you might use to tame your hair.
Dresses: Evening gowns — especially ones with flowy/breeze catching bottoms that can be twirled, party dresses, solid colors preferred. Bring many choices here and I will select the best for the environment, backdrops, etc. If you’re shooting with friends or relatives, color coordination can make for a great shot. Please discuss in advance with the photographer what color palette you are thinking of. They don’t all need to be the same color, but dresses in the same color family will look more pleasing.
Tops: Err on the side of form fitting — loose tops can add bulk in photographs on people of any size. One shoulder, tank tops, collarless and solid colors are best. If you have body art you would like to showcase, plan to bring a top to show it off. Depending on the season we tend to dress in all sleeves or all strapless, so be sure to bring a variety of outfits that make your images perfect in any season. Our studio is temperature controlled!
Pants: I typically shoot from the waist up unless in formal wear, so any pants you feel comfortable in are fine.
Shoes: Ditto above. Shoes are not normally shown unless you are in a longer dress. Flip flops are fine! If you have a rockin’ pair of shoes that go with a great dress though, by all means bring them along.
Jewelry/Accessories: Big or chunky necklaces make good face framers. Also, belts, scarves, bracelets, and earrings will all add to an outfit, so bring lots of options.
Undergarments: Strapless bras are a must for tanks, one or off shoulder outfits, etc. As you move through poses inevitably the straps will show so please prepare for this. Also be sure to bring one that won’t show through the outfit such as black with white.
Props: If you play an instrument, a sport, ride horses, or have other unique talents or special passions, please bring those up to the photographer in advance so we might incorporate them into your shoot.
Make-Up: We utilize a professional makeup artist for your shoot. Even if you don’t normally wear makeup, understand that delivering images to you that show you at your best require at least a minimal amount of makeup to highlight your features. It’s much like if you making a television appearance: makeup creates definition to make your features pop. You can also look at this Pinterest board for ideas of what you might like to try.  We can also set up a “secret” Pinterest board so that we can share ideas for your session without anyone else knowing what the plan is, and your images can be a complete surprise to your friends and family.
Glasses: If you normally wear glasses and want to/can remove them and still see for your shoot, you’ll want to do that at least 30 minutes before so you don’t have impressions on your nose. If possible, contact lenses are a better option so your eyes can be center stage!

Additional Tips:

  • Costumes, masks, headdresses, etc. can all make for great shots so feel free to bring anything unique that you have.
  • Hydrate, drink lots of water it makes your skin look great! And sleep-it does the same.
  • Come to your shoot with a fresh, clean (makeup free) face and hair washed the night before.
  • No need to wear the clothes you’ll shoot in, we’ll pick out what will look good on camera after you arrive if we haven’t already met to prepare your outfit selections. Feel free to take phone pics of special outfits and text or email them to the photographer in advance.
  • Don’t forget to shave armpits, tweeze stray eyebrow hairs, and do any other personal maintenance you prefer not to appear in your images.
  • Don’t try any new cosmetic or hair products or use self tanner within a week to two of your session. You don’t want to have orange hands or a rash for your big day!

I am so excited to see you, pick out fabulous looks, and provide you images you’ll love. Be sure to plan a night out afterwards, you will be all dolled up with hair, makeup, and your finest outfits — be sure to make the most of it!


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