Are Senior Pictures Really That Important?

Ummm…. YES!

I know how important it is to preserve the memories of your final year of high school.  This is a really big deal, and should be treated accordingly!  I take the time to discover exactly what you want your senior picture session to be like, how you want to look, the kinds of poses and places that are important for you and for Mom,  because we know she has to love them too!  I work with different hair and makeup professionals so that we can make sure that you get exactly the look that you’re going for!

Senior sessions (for girls) are like grown up dress-up parties.  You get to have as many wardrobe changes and hair-do’s as you decide.  We will spend up to an entire day making sure that you have the most amazing experience possible, and that you feel like queen for a day!

Senior sessions (for guys) can be as quick and painless as you wish!  Here’s the thing, I get it.  I hate having my picture taken too, but sometimes we have to bite the bullet for someone else and do what needs to be done.  If that’s how you feel about your senior pictures, I can definitely accommodate those wishes!  Here’s the key:  you tell me what you want, and that is exactly what you will get! (within reason, of course)

And Mom’s, don’t worry!  I’ll make sure to get your “must have” shots as well!  Can it get any better than that??  If you’d like to talk more about senior pictures, give me a call at (779) 456-6579.


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