She Finally Snapped Photography

Capturing your Spark, Igniting your Confidence!”

Research has shown time and time again that most people reach a decision about others within 2 minutes of initial contact. When that first contact is via web presence or social media, you need to make the most of those first 2 minutes by capturing attention with beautiful images that draw the viewer in and get them interested in who you are and what you do.

Whether you are new to modeling or a seasoned model, every person deserves a portrait that leaves the right first impression –a portrait that reveals their authentic beauty and brilliance. A well crafted portrait of an intimate moment between you and the viewer can leap right off the page and say “I am a confident young woman.  I can accomplish anything, as long as I decide that it is what I want to do!”

Look at the websites or Facebook pages, Instagram accounts and Snapchats of women in any industry and you will see one thing in common with the top performers in their fields: Fabulous images that draw you in! In today’s age of technology, you can’t afford NOT to invest in professional images for your budding career.  Even if modeling isn’t your career of choice, every girl deserves to at least FEEL like a model for the day!

Through Andrea’s work photographing a wide variety of women and studying lighting, technique, and psychology, she has made an art of revealing you in front of the camera the way you are seen by your closest friends and admirers. In her presence, you’ll forget that you are having your picture taken, and relax into your natural essence of beauty and strength. Beyond gender, beyond your words, beyond the products and even beyond your visions and dreams, she will connect with your passion and show the world YOU, as you want to be seen: beautiful, confident, passionate and successful.

And, if modeling is an avenue you’d like to pursue, Andrea can help.  Through her work with a variety of designers and with other industry professionals, Andrea knows what those who are casting want to see from the models who are applying:  cleanly edited images that show you as you really look.  Less is more when you want a casting director to see what you look like:  simple, well lit, exceptional poses, and natural expressions.  This is what you get when you do a modeling workshop and photo shoot with She Finally Snapped Photography — portfolio worthy images that catch the attention of those who view them, along with posing and runway coaching, a guide to natural facial expressions, and a “how to choose images for your portfolio” lesson which gives you the tools to knowing the technical aspects of what makes an image great.  One on One modeling sessions offer the same benefits, but in a more personalized manner and with a “portfolio review” to let you know which images are keepers and which might be keeping you from getting jobs.

Not a model?  That’s ok!  A shoot with me is a fun and relaxed setting to meet the needs of any teen or tween who needs a confidence boost!


To schedule your free discovery session, please complete the form below:



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