Guest Post: Fonda Clayton

Featured Guest Fonda ClaytonYou have placed your stake in the ground, you have declared that you are an entrepreneur. Ok, now what?

Fake it until you make it.

Act as if.

Pretend you are speaking to a crowd of stuffed animals.

All of this sounds nice and anecdotal until you are standing in front of someone at a networking event and they ask you what you do. Or you have to give a talk at a morning breakfast. You can’t feel your body, you break out into a cold sweat, you want to disappear, you are silently berating yourself for putting on a bra to be at this shin-dig: you turn red/flushed. Your whole existence has flashed before your eyes only to realize that only a few seconds have passed and the person who sent you into this tailspin is awkwardly awaiting your response.


The person who asked you, wants you to ‘do good’, they are hoping that you have something interesting to say, so that they can ask some more questions. Maybe because they want to see if they can get something from you, wait for the appropriate time so that they can swing the conversation back over to themselves, or perhaps they are shy and the only way they can stand there with you is to divert from themselves and ask YOU questions. You can ponder this forever and a day, never knowing…but this much is true. Most every person you speak to, wants you to succeed.

Fonda Clayton: Magic

Think about it, you are in the audience someone is giving a talk. It isn’t going well, you sit up in your chair to ‘help’ get them through it, you become embarrassed for them, or you excuse yourself so that you pray for them in the hall. At your core, you want them to be well, to do well.

Back to the networking event person.

Do you give a generic answer, just so that you move on?

Do you give the formulaic answer that is so convoluted that you trip over the words and confuse yourself?

OR do you answer the question as if they asked, “What is the transformation that you provide?” “What do you ‘get’ to do?” “Why do you do what you do?”

Ding ding ding: you picked the latter and I am so glad. Whew! By picking the last option here is what opens up for you.

Your answer gets to be organic and original to you. You get to feel your way into the answer. You make yourself curious and keep what you do and why you do it fresh and top of your own mind.

Questions are the most delicious because there is opportunity in them. How is that for a reframe?

It doesn’t matter if the person gets it or not, you aren’t in business to serve the masses, just the ones that light YOU up the most. If it is a fit, you will know because it will be all over their face. It will be in their follow up questions. If follow up questions don’t come, just smile inwardly because you got to practice (outside your head) AND you openly played with the Universe to bring you your best(est) clients.

Play with the questions above. Ask a friend, to ask you these questions. Listen to how you answer.

A few things will happen if you do this exercise:

  1. going to your next event will be easier, perhaps even fun

  2. you will know how to connect with the heart of your prospects AND clientele

  3. this will make for some great marketing (connection) copy

  4. last but not least, it will keep you connected with your passion for why you have chosen to actively do your art as a business

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Fonda Clayton Smith   Visionary Partner
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