hiding behind your brand

Why are you hiding?

Dear hardworking entrepreneurs,

You are working so hard.  You are busting your butt day after day, writing kick-ass content, building your business.  You are passionate about helping others, and you have the guts to go out and show them what you can do.  So why in the hell are you hiding your face?  You know that people buy from people that they know, like and trust, yet you are still hiding behind memes, graphics, crappy selfies and your {awesome} message.


You have a hundred excuses… “I need to lose 5 more pounds, I’m not photogenic, I hate how I smile, nothing fits me, my hair needs to be perfect, I don’t know how to pose… Blah Blah Blah”.  Stop it.  Quit making excuses.  Excuses are for losers who don’t really want to succeed, they just want to look busy.


If you really want to succeed, you HAVE TO connect with your target client.  You have to grab their attention with amazing images that shout, “Like me, trust me, work with me”.  Then, after your pictures grab their attention, they are more likely to hang around and read your message.  After they see your picture a few times, you feel like a trusted friend.  Then, when they need your service, they have a picture of a trusted friend in their head that they will come back to, and they will call you.  It is a proven process.  So if you want to get in their heads, you have to enter through their eye, and reach for their heart!


Branding photography makes all the difference in the world to women who are trying to Rock the business world.  Are you ready to join the stars, or will you stay in the background?



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