Meet Elizabeth!

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to spotlight brands that we think are doing it right!  These awesome guest posts will each be in a 2 part series, starting with an interview, then featuring a guest blog post from someone you should know!  Our first guest comes to us from Texas, where she runs a very successful Boudoir Photography Business.  Let’s get started!

Elizabeth Zimmerman
Torrid Boudoir
Specialized in boudoir in July of 2012

Contact Info:
phone: 512-577-7936

What is your “why”? What sparked you to get started doing this?
When I first started shooting professionally (getting paid), I wanted to shoot anything and everything. I dabbled in families, kids, seniors, couples, weddings, births, newborns: EVERYTHING. The minute I shot my first boudoir session I just knew I was “home”. I felt like I was on fire. And, really, the reason I felt like that was because I saw how “on fire” my client felt. She felt sexy and confident and had so much fun! I was addicted immediately. And back then I didn’t even include hair + make up or a wardrobe stylist or studio lighting, etc…

What is your band-aid? (What need do you fill?)
I offer a luxury experience for all women in a judgment free environment. I help women of all ages and sizes feel beautiful, loved, appreciated, pampered and noticed.

How do you want your business to be seen by the world?
I want people to see that we offer a fantasy photo session where my clients feel like a movie star. I want my sessions to seem somewhat “elite” and fancy and possibly even a once in a lifetime experience that is totally worth the investment.


Who is your target market? Be as detailed as possible.
My ideal client is a 40-50 year old woman that shops at Neiman Marcus in The Domain in Austin, TX. She waits in line at Starbucks. She enjoys girl’s night out and fancy wine. She takes very good care of herself (hair appointments, mani/pedis, etc…) and her partner. She might, or might not, have kids. She may need a confidence boost, or she might just enjoy being pampered.

How do you want to make your clients feel?
I want my clients to feel beautiful, accomplished and proud. I want to rekindle the love they have for themselves. I want my clients to leave their session feeling recharged, confident and strong! I want the experience they have with me to change their lives and how they see themselves.

How do you accomplish making them feel that way?
I give them permission to feel and look sexy. I feel that we women, mothers, wives, etc… have a tough time with indulging and pampering ourselves or feeling worthy of the indulgence.

What is your special gift? What’s the one thing that the world would be missing if you didn’t do what you do?
I care take very well. I pamper and love my clients the same as I do my family and friends. I am patient and very thoughtful about how I treat people.

What ignited your brand? What is ONE thing that you’ve done that has made the biggest impact on your business?
I saw how good I helped my very first boudoir client my feel. She literally blossomed as I shot her.


If you could do go back to the beginning of this journey of starting your business, what is ONE thing you would do differently?
I would start IPS (In Person Sales) right away. I love being able to guide my clients all the way through their experience with me. I take on the job of helping them choose the products they’d like to purchase. I’ve researched which vendors are worthy of their business. I design the albums/products and I place their orders. I love seeing their first reaction to seeing their gorgeousness. My experience is so intimate and personal – I like to continue that relationship throughout my whole experience.


What are some of your goals for 2015?
Business – I have just started connecting with a local lingerie shop and a hair + makeup artist that wants to partner up with networking and marketing. I haven’t met them in person yet, but I plan to work closely with them to highly satisfy my client’s needs.

Personal – I want to get pregnant.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start a business doing what you do?
Wait to start charging until you’re worthy of it. Join forums and try your best to be open to honest CC (Criticism & Critique). Don’t “marry your images”. Be open to hearing negative feedback because it will help you grow – I guarantee! Start doing IPS (In Person Sales) right away. Don’t give away your digital negatives!

How do you define success for yourself/your business? In what ways do you measure that success?
I feel successful when I see or hear back from my clients that they feel changed or transformed because of their experience with me. I feel extra special and successful when my clients use one of my photos for their profile picture on Facebook.

Interview with Torrid Boudoir's Elizabeth Zimmerman

Boudie Party



Wow, Elizabeth, this is such great information!  Thank you so much for sharing with us, and we look forward to you guest post next week!

Does anyone have any questions for our awesome guest?


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  1. torridboudoir on said:

    Thank you so much for having me Andrea!! ❤️

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