Podcasts-Who knew?

I recently discovered podcasts, and I am now addicted!  My initial searches were for photography related podcasts, and they yielded some great results for a wealth of knowledge.  Somehow in that initial search, a general business (or so I thought) podcaster came up, and to my surprise she was speaking directly to me!  If you are a woman entrepreneur looking for someone who understands your struggles and victories, and can address your issues in a no-nonsense way in under 10 minutes (for the most part), I highly recommend The Girls Mean Business with Claire Mitchell.  She knows her audience and addresses all of our concerns and questions, gives easy to apply advice and it if you have any issues with organization, confidence or marketing, she can help!  Here is a list of some of other podcasts that I listen to regularly (this is not all inclusive, as I’m constantly looking for new sources of information):

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Photography Marketing Masters with Nigel Merrick

Seth Godin’s Start Up School

I actually subscribe to 25 podcasts right now, so the listed are just the tip of the knowledge iceberg!  I’d love to know who you listen to, so please take a moment to participate in my poll!


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